The country can no longer proceed with patches and paths in the mist. The model we are experiencing does not go any further. We met those who feel we have no voice and expression so far and that the only option is not between false hopes and miserable truth. Those who persist in believing in honesty, knowledge, courage, the prospect of a better life based on realistic bases and workable solutions. Without lying, without supposed illusions.

We present to you our values that are not negotiable for us and will constitute our road map.


Engaging in politics matters only if it starts and ends with honesty. We aspire to attract those who believe in the honest and unselfish offer to society. It is not a speech pattern for us. Our primary objective is the independence of justice. To be able to control ourselves first. This is our difference from the other parties, who only proclaim the hunt for corruption. This hunt cannot be a job of politicians because Justice cannot be used to exterminate political opponents and dislikes.


Transparency complements honesty as a building block for exercising power. None of the existing parties wants it despite false declarations. They do not want, for example, to evaluate the assets of the state and hide it by disagreeing with privatizations. But when the time of government is coming, everyone is proceeding with opaque privatizations (and SYRIZA, of course, in the footsteps of the previous ones). The citizen, on the one hand, does not know the fair value of the property, the politician on the other he wins singly. If it proceeds with privatizations, it is not checked for the price. If he does not, he can destroy the property, from deceit, impotence, phobia, lack of knowledge, and ultimately not be controlled.

Social justice

The biggest problem at the moment in the world is inequality. Inequality between generations, between income classes, between countries. In Greece the problem is large and grew longer in the years of the crisis. A wasteful and wretched state that has not managed to take people out of poverty or to provide decent social services. There is no doubt that every reform is lost and earned. But social justice does not work in terms of arithmetic. Even if we take an unfair way out of one and share it to many, we will again legislate for an unfair measure. That does not change. Justice among generations, classes, ages is essential to advance a society as a whole.


Citizens – especially young people – are increasingly rejecting the aging political system. Indifference and abstain from procedures are constantly gaining ground. This is not the solution. It is even more acute. As citizens move away from electoral and political processes, both organized interests gain more power. Both extreme voices raise their rates. We are struggling to take back our own country.

National dignity

The Greeks, a people with tradition and history, have been overwhelmed in recent years. Lazy ones, incompetent, those living with the foreign loans. By co-government. Is there another way? Yes there is. We can solve our own problems by ourselves, respecting the peculiarities and traditions of this place. Governments, however, are consumed in a pseudo-negotiation for communicative purposes only, and then with the loop on the neck, implement without the possibility of interventions or adjustments what is imposed on them abroad. This policy undermines the country’s credibility. And this policy must come to an end now!

These five values of Democratic Liability undertake our entire program, which we briefly present to the next section.

Before proceeding, the reasonable question arises: How do you manage to implement your program?

Unnecessary friction, time-consuming negotiations, the lack of a decision-making plan have proven to cost the country, and have not allowed us to demand whatever is necessary to put an end to the crisis. Our priorities will be the protection of small and medium-sized ones, liquidity in the banking system, the end of fiscal measures, the completion of debt arrangements and a substantial investment plan. Not to protect one or the other, little or great interest. Not to overestimate today a measure, avoiding the necessary adjustments and in 6 months or 1 year to take steps from the back door.

Implementing the necessary and necessary institutional but also economic reforms, always with social criteria, will bring us faster results and will soon allow us to rely on our own strengths.